Thursday, June 20, 2013

Android Game with the best graphics

Android apps are getting up to date so always ditungu-wait by its users. In fact, not only have the application's iOS game with the best graphics, however, Android also has 10 games Android with best graphics (no particular order) as follows:

1. Real Racing is a racing game with 3 best graphics for kesayangaMu Android phone equipped with collision effect and a full car detail as well as the ability to see the reflection of the sky from the rear window of the car.

2. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is a Gameloft has capitalised gameplay area wider than the earlier series and comes with very detailed yangb object objects like concole. Very fun to play.

3. Wild Blood is only capitalised Gameloft games special that uses unreal engine. Detail graphics this game is very impressive because at memungkinkanMu screenshots to see the floor not the same detailing and bertexture each other.

4. Need for Speed Most Wanted is a series of racing gameplay that has the best graphics but have little variation in full.

5. Shadow Gun version of the Tegra 2 is one of the best Android games of 2013 which offer more tangible effects, allowing You to see the effect of rag-doll of the character movement is more natural and realistic water splashes.

6. the Avengers Initiative is the game play still coming soon in Google's play.

7. Dead Trigger is the gameplay comes from the same company as ShadowGun. This Game offers a spectacular image quality and best graphics.

8. Galaxy on Fire 2 THD is a game with a theme of a simulated spacecraft and has awesome graphics.

9. Horn is a game which has graphics that are designed very well giving rise to effects seen.

10. The Drak Knight Rises is a game made by Gameloft has a spacious environment and excellent graphics so this game really attraktif.

11. N.O.V. A 3 is a masterpiece of the best Gameloft FPS features and graphics are very unusual.

12. Dark Shadow: The Pact is a game that has a very realistic picture quality and seram are combined with graphic and detail so incredible.

Those games above are the best Android games 2013 options are mandatory to owned by enthusiast of Android

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